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> It is nice to see such support for efforts to clean up the AFRINIC board
> coming

Where in the message has the board been mentioned?

Its therefore not surprising that you are attempting to dilute a very
important and extremely significant message with yet another misleading

We in this region have seen through you since your earlier years of such
comments as "Afrinic is a vapourware".

from the other RIRs.

The African community shall read and conclude on its own what the message
from the other RIR is calling for and most importantly the sentence below
from their important letter.

And I quote....

"The current challenges affecting AFRINIC are of great concern to us. We
urge the AFRINIC membership and the wider community in Africa, including
civil society and governments, to work together to support their RIR at a
time when it needs assistance and guidance in the form of constructive

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