[Community-Discuss] Demanding Clarification and/or apology from PTA

Amin Dayekh admin at megamore.ng
Wed Jun 15 16:29:41 UTC 2022


One question which a yes or no question:

Is it allowed by afrinic with the provisions of bylaws written in Good
faith relying on the integrity of Members, is it Allowed to Sell IPV4 ?

On Wed, Jun 15, 2022 at 5:22 PM Amin Dayekh <admin at megamore.ng> wrote:

> Owen,
> Don’t rush, all in good time.
> Yes Misleading the public on claims and claims and claims with no single
> piece of evidence!
> AfriNic acted according to the Bylaw and court, allow me here to refresh
> your memory, if the ipv4 is not restricted to ise in Africa then why the
> proposals for inter RIR transfer and Other proposals from the Meeting which
> are available online? If that is allowed then AfriNic shouod have lost all
> cases. What is happening in Mauritius is an abuse of the Judicial System.
> Anyone can convince himself with any lie and convince the minions involved
> in this issue who have been (mislead) and unfortunately (paid to spread lie)
> When someone accuses an organization of corruption, he should provide
> evidence, not just a video, especially if he/she/it and under the table
> corrupting the members to buy Votes.
> If you think the misquotes you sent before are convincing, maybe to your
> good self, but not to me and i did not reply as I usualy say what i want
> and walk, reason being I have no time to waste on endless discussions as
> the 2nd party is very sure is justifying a wrong cause.
> By the way, I did not mention anyone in my email except PTA so which
> company you are talking about?!
> On Wed, Jun 15, 2022 at 5:11 PM Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:
>> On Jun 14, 2022, at 14:32 , Amin Dayekh <admin at megamore.ng> wrote:
>> Dear members,
>> my attention was drawn to another misleading video of known sources who
>> are taking maliciously all steps against the Members of AfriNIC and AfriNIC.
>> in the Video I noticed a misleading statement about the "Government of
>> Pakistan" but when i paused and looked at the document it is the Pakistan
>> tELECOM authority and not the government itself.
>> I am writing this post following an email sent to the Pakistan
>> telecommunication Authority aka PTA, through their website to:
>> a- ask, have you really drafted and sent that letter?
>> b- inquire, on what basis have you sent that letter? have you at least
>> c- raise a solid query with regards to their breach of our sovereignty as
>> an African continent, Regions, Countries, and Nations through the alleged
>> Letter sent to the government of Mauritius in support of a
>> fraudulent misleading organization requiring some details on how Africa's
>> IPV4 addresses ended and are in USE in Pakistan, which, as per the last
>> time I checked, is not an African country.
>> Misleading? As in the misleading claim that AFRINIC issued addresses are
>> somehow restricted to use in Africa when nothing in the bylaws, RSA, or CPM
>> says so?
>> You continue to repeat this claim despite repeated clarifications and
>> corrections on the fallacious nature of the claim. Clearly, you are the one
>> engaged in a campaign of disinformation.
>> Owen
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