[Community-Discuss] Demanding Clarification and/or apology from PTA

Amin Dayekh admin at megamore.ng
Wed Jun 15 06:28:50 UTC 2022

Dear members,
My attention was drawn to another misleading video of known sources who are
taking maliciously all steps against the Members of AfriNIC and AfriNIC.

In the Video, I noticed a misleading statement about the "Government of
Pakistan" but when I paused and looked at the document, The alledged letter
is issued by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and not the
government itself.

I am writing this post following an email sent to the Pakistan
telecommunication Authority aka PTA, through their website to:

a- ask, have you really drafted and sent that letter?

b- inquire, on what basis have you sent that letter? have you at least

c- raise a solid query, with regards to their breach of our sovereignty as
an African continent, Regions, Countries, and Nation through the alleged
Letter sent to the government of Mauritius in support of a
fraudulent misleading organization requiring some details on how Africa's
IPV4 addresses ended and are in USE in Pakistan, which, as per the last
time I checked, is not an African country.

d- advise, to seek the truth and apologize to the 2000+ members of AFRINIC
who feel SHOULD be insulted by your letter.

We demand a public apology or clarification from The Pakistan
Telecommunication Authority.

I have delegated a team of Lawyers who are drafting a query to the
Embassy / High Commission of Pakistan here to find the truth about such a
letter and then we will act accordingly.

Amin Dayekh
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