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Mon Jun 6 18:35:15 UTC 2022

Dear John,

Did Owen ever respond to your questions as I cant seem to find those
answers in the archives unless he went off-list ?


On Fri, 3 Jun 2022, 16:38 John Curran, <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

> On 20 May 2022, at 4:08 AM, Owen DeLong via Community-Discuss <
> community-discuss at afrinic.net> wrote:
> On May 20, 2022, at 00:51 , Ish Sookun <ish.sookun at lasentinelle.mu> wrote:
> Hi Owen,
> On 20 May 2022, at 11:11, Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:
> I have no affiliation or business with NRS whatsoever, but I will say that
> we do need to hold RIRs accountable when they are not properly serving the
> community.
> My question is not how do we hold the RIRs accountable. My question is how
> does the Number Resource Society hold the RIRs accountable?
> I will leave answering that question to them. Since I have no affiliation,
> I cannot usefully comment on what they will or will not do.
> Owen -
> Actually, you may have that backwards –  it appears that a membership
> “affiliation” with the opaque NRS likely means that one cannot comment on
> these questions:
> From the NRS terms and conditions of membership <
> https://www.nrs.help/terms-conditions> –
> *                        vi. shall not undertake any action that could
> damage the reputation of NRS;                         vii. shall not make
> representations on behalf of NRS without prior approval in writing from
> NRS; and*
> I.e., “Members of the NRS" are actually prohibited from speaking about
> what the NRS is or how it functions – this is a very challenging
> prohibition for a community-based body (i.e., compare/contrast to the RIRs
> where volunteers routinely present on behalf of the body, speak at other
> functions about RIR activities and developments, etc.)
> Since you’re not affiliated, you actually have freedom to opine here – how
> do you see the governance provisions of the NRS being an improvement over
> AFRINIC’s existing provisions?  As there is a distinct possibility raised
> by the NRS membership terms and conditions that it will provide
> instructions to NRS members regarding voting, how does that comport with
> the NRS claim of trying to improve ecosystem accountability and
> transparency in light of its own opacity?
> You’ve got experience in the RIR system and likely have more familiarity
> with the various players behind the NRS than many on this list, so it would
> seem quite reasonable to elaborate on such matters (so as to aid others in
> their understanding of the relatively strengths of the NRS governance
> structures being proposed as substitutes.)
> Thanks!
> /John
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