[Community-Discuss] Fwd: DEFAMATION AGAINST MR. LU HENG :-/

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No - I’m suggesting people don’t defame others and break the law by making statements that fall into the category of libel or defamation - and if they choose to do so - then they accept the consequences.

Calling someone a criminal in a public forum without any charges having been filed or proven - is defamatory.  It’s pretty simple really - just - don’t do it


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Are you suggesting that people have to shut up because they don't have the money to pay attorneys? Total nonsense!

This is not the spirit of this community.


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Firstly – generally not a good idea to air such things on a public mailing list – that’s just common sense.

Secondly – there is a vast difference between a contradictory view – and calling someone a criminal when they have not been found guilty of any crime – the former is acceptable – the latter is defamatory.

Thirdly – right or wrong – win or lose – legal battles – can cost a hell of a lot of money – and generally are a good idea to avoid them when you can do so, lest you end up bankrupt


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Dear Community,

So while enjoying the festive holidays, I got served with a seize and desist by counsels of you know who? Well email read "Le Heng" who I suppose they meant, Lu Heng.

Well ofcourse I resisted and the rational is simple imho.

How come Lu Heng is accusing me of defamation for statements made on AFRINIC specific public discussion mailinglists and forum ( https://afrinic.net/email/amp<https://afrinic.net/email/amp>):

As we all know, these public forums allow for contradictory discussions allowing Lu Heng and Cloud Innovation Ltd/Larus Limited to respond and provide their views and arguments.



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Dear Noah,

We are attorneys instructed to represent Mr. Le Heng in relation to your defamatory statements to him. Please find attached a self-explanatory demand letter for your actioning. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest possible convenience, in any event not more that seven (7) days from the date of this demand. A hard copy of the letter will be hand delivered to your address in due course.

Kind regards,


Isaac Lupi
Junior Associate

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