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On Sun, 26 Sep 2021, 16:30 Lu Heng, <h.lu at anytimechinese.com> wrote:

> As exactly that, Owen does not make a representation of me, or any of
> the company some might think he represents, his understanding is
> entirely his own and does not speak for me, or NRS.

Very well, this is clear now since Owen often purports to speak on behalf
of your various entities using the "*We*" blah blah blah.

> To my understanding, NRS is not trying to make representation of
> anyone here in the community, and it never did, it's passing on a
> teaching/a view of the world some might find acceptable, some may find
> not.

The documents being sent to various resource members contain deceit and
misrepresentation so much so for false teaching expeditions by your
self-serving NRS. Based on my years of participation in this community, I
note that, no single resource member and I repeat, no single resource
member has ever gone this far or acted in this manner with your motives
becoming clearer, each day that passes from Cloud Innovation Ltd and all
its affiliates.

- I do not know of a resource member, who has attempted to recruit other
resource members through deceit (NRS) until you Lu.

- I do not know of a resource member whose associates (I mean your Larus
Foundation Fellows) have repeatedly acted as an echo-chamber to ensure the
AFRINIC PDP is rendered dysfunctional.

- I do not know of a resource member who has attempted to work behind the
scenes and push for a draft proposal through proxy authors until you Lu.
You were always behind this Antony Ubah and Taiwo draft policy which the
community rejected that today has pending PDWG appeals.  If you deny what I
just stated, I will ask a renowned community member to speak out about what
I just stated.

*Case #5: Cloud Innovation Ltd vs AFRINIC (SC/COM/MOT/000382/2021)On 07
July 2021, Cloud Innovation Ltd initiated an application for Injunction
against AFRINIC requiring its board of directors to ratify a certain
resource transfer policy. The matter is resisted by AFRINIC and is ongoing.*
We the community rejected the proposal above because the co-chair errored
and we appealed as we are empowered through the bottom up process. One of
the former co-chairs, Abdulkarim, repeatedly lied to the community and
abused the PDP process to forcefully advance this proposal which you have
always pushed for behind the scenes.  The proposal in fact was never even
compatible with any RIR in all its multiple versions 2, version, 3 or
version 4 all of which were rushed through by your associates Antony and

Today, you want to hijack the empowered internet community and its
bottom-up process by going to the Mauritian supreme courts in an attempt to
force the court to ratify the flawed self-serving draft policy of yours.
More than ever, the motive is clear, you want to use the policy as a means
to again, as usual, abuse existing community developed processes so that
you can get the opportunity to transfer the space that was allocated to you
for use in AFRICA out of the region.

I repeat, I do not know of a resource member who has invested so much
energy in pushing a draft policy proposal that never reached community
consensus until you Lu. AbdulKarim screaming Rough Consensus, Consensus, No
Consensus and Consensus within 4 weeks in the last call does not make for

In the history of the AFRINIC PDP, no proposal has ever been protested like
your resource transfer policy and that should tell you something about the
bottom up process which you clearly do not respect or have a clue about.

Your  behaviour is so wanting Lu.

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