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I’d like to remind everyone out that a candidate for a campaign, as well as
offering and suggesting to vote for a suitable and competent candidate, may
be a rewarding experience.
Many campaigns receive requests for recommendations and promotions on a
regular basis. The premise is that you should propose someone who knows
what the community is all about from the inside. As a result, many
campaigns evaluate the following elements before making the decision of

« • Is the candidate well-qualified for the position?
• Does the candidate have a good work ethic?
• Will the candidate's behavior or performance potentially have a negative
effect on the community in any way? »

For the record, as long as the technique follows the campaign's internal
protocols, it is usually acceptable. If there are no such protocols for
providing personal suggestions, there are a few options:

« • In a small campaign, talk to the boss personally to say you'd like to
make a recommendation via a personal introduction.
• Providing Appropriate Details
Whether you write a letter or make a personal introduction on the
candidate's behalf, the way in which you describe candidate can make or
break his chances. Focus on a few things in your recommendation:
• the candidate 's background, education and experience »

As previously stated, this is standard practice for many campaigns, so
there is no reason to single out Paul and dismiss his candidacy for
something that is not incorrect. Instead, let us mainstream this method
among our community and focus on what truly important.

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