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> I think it is absolutely mandatory at this point that the candidate in

> question is disqualified


So the AFRINIC bylaws *Section 15.5) Conflict of Interest* is pretty
straight forward in terms of the powers of directors.

1. *A Director of the company shall, where he/she has a potential or
actual conflict of interest in any matter brought before the Board,
disclose such potential or actual conflict to the Board.*
2. *The said Director shall recuse himself/herself from voting on any
such matter before the Board where such a conflict exists or may exist.*
3. *The remaining members of the Board may decide that said Director
should be excluded from discussion of such matter where a conflict exists
or may exist.*

And to the AFRINIC NOMCOM, perhaps it would be also significant if you as
the nominating body looked into the board candidates in light of all the
allegations that have been raised by AFRINIC resource members and the
Internet community across various NGOs.

I am sure you are all reading the various posts as relates to members being
promised money and others being coerced to vote and send proof of the vote
to people whose mobile numbers start with a +852 which is an internal
suffix for HongKong and they are purporting to be from AFRINIC Election

I smell fraud, misinformation, misrepresentation and potential corruption
which are all not values that AFRINIC subscribe too.

Resource members, the Internet community and the organization ought to take
this issue seriously because the very foundation of the Internet Routing
Registry is at stake and for those who have been here long enough know that
time for playing games is long overdue and AFRINIC affairs can no longer be
ignored further by the majority membership.


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