[Community-Discuss] Community expectations

S. Moonesamy sm+af at afrinic.net
Mon Mar 29 08:07:01 UTC 2021

Dear stakeholders,

Mr Palet stated that "the only way for removing anything (even porn,
terrorism, etc., which by the way are extreme cases, that never
happened in any RIR or IETF mailing list, unless I missed it), is by
means of a court order." I could not find any RFC or other document
which states that the IETF requires a court order to remove an email
from its mailing list archives. Is there a reference to fact-check
that statement?

An email cannot be easily removed once it is sent as the sender does
not have any control over the receiver's mailbox. It is technically
possible to remove an email from a mailing list archive. What are
the community expectations on the removal of an email from the
AFRINIC web site?

S. Moonesamy

Board Chair, AFRINIC

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