[Community-Discuss] After the 20210304 Webinar on fostering participation in AfriNIC's community

Sylvain Baya abscoco at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 13:44:28 UTC 2021

Dear AfriNIC's Community,

Hope you are doing well!

Today, more than sixty five (065) individual registrations has been
listed as participants in the AFRINIC’s webinar on “Public Persecution
vs. Constructive Criticism on AFRINIC mailing lists” [1].

...i have understood that meeting as a good mean to fostering
participation & engagement in AfriNIC's community.

These are my personal notes/observations/contributions on differents
matters relevant to fostering participation in the AfriNIC's community:

*1| Encourage anonymous [2] participation, because it covers
legitimate rights of individual participants; but anonymous
participantion *must* not be an acceptable mean to bypass the CoC or
any well defined AUP.
*2| Anonymous participation rights *must* not including the right to
participate on any selection process as to vote on any election.
Because any rightful voter must be identify to be able to vote ; so that
the 'one man; one vote' principle could be applicable.
*3| The mailing list archive is a precious tool which *should* be
preserved on the first hand. Therefore there are very few
things/usecases for which it *should* be envisaged to *redact* part of
clairly identified *offending* (such as a URI locating a dangerous
attached file unexpectedly passed onlist; text or link to porn materials
or any assessed as dangerous URI inside a clair spammy email, ...)
materials unexpectedly shared onlist. No reference to any email should
be removed to a mailinglist archive, but exceptionnaly, if there is a
really dangerous email which has unexpectedly found its way to
appear on a mailinglist archive; some direct appropriate actions should
be taken as earlier as possible. Such actions could include a partial
modification of the proved as *offending* email or containing some
proved *offending* URI or attached file...
*4| Other actions we should engage on, to foster community
participation, is : about ensuring a minimum of coherence between all
the ToRs or Guidelines of the differents Committees...not including the
PDWG's ones.
*5| ...

...i know you have your own thougths/ideas on it :-)

Please feel free to share your views/comments on these ones...
[1]: <


[2]:[rpd] Anonymity & Profiling Internet Community Members?

Thanks & Blessed thursday!


Best Regards !
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