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Hi Madhvi,

The correction of my point 1 was done in the Q&A screen, but not in “voice”. As a consequence, all the participants that usually have the Q&A windows closed (in Zoom), were not able to see it, and they may be still under the impression that it was a resignation, not a recall. I understand that was out of the hands of AFRINIC, so I’ve copied back the relevant APNIC mailing list, so this correction is now clear.

Regarding point 2, the co-chairs indicated that they have sent an email. The PDP doesn’t state any explicit format or template. The list dicussion shows that the staff asked them to follow a format used by previous chairs, but the PDP doesn’t ask for it, so it can’t be enforced. The Board deny having got that report, but they never denied having received the email. Again: the PDP doesn’t enforce any specific format, so we need to see the email to understand if the Board is missing something and actually *informed* the co-chairs about WHAT they missed.

Can the Board *confirm* or *deny* if they GOT SUCH EMAIL? That will clarify the issue and if the (ex)co-chairs can forward that email to the list, that will be awesome, but meanwhile, even if the co-chairs have been recalled, I don’t have any reasons to believe that they lied in sense that they didn’t sent the email.




El 3/3/21 12:09, "Madhvi Gokool" <madhvi at afrinic.net> escribió:

Hello Jordi /PDWG

On 03/03/2021 1:52 PM, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ via Community-Discuss wrote:
Hi all,

Today, during the APNIC51 meeting, in the Global Reports session (https://2021.apricot.net/program/schedule-conference/#/day/10/apnic-global-reports), as usual, there was a presentation from every RIR, including AFRINIC.

In this presentation from AFRINIC, there have been two "imprecisions". I prefer to use this wording instead of something stronger, because to me those are very severe issues. I've asked in the Q&A to get this publicly clarified and it was not done.

AFRINIC MUST publicly acknowledge the mistakes.

1) It was explained that the AFRINIC PDWG co-chairs resigned. You can see it at the end of the presentation.
The AFRINIC staff corrected the initial statement made in his presentation and mentioned that the Co-chairs were recalled in the Q&A feature.

2) It has been said that one of the policy proposals that reached consensus hasn't been sent to the Board for ratification, which is not true, as discussed in the RPD mailing list. The co-chairs did send the policy to the Board, but the Board decided to ignore it, because it looks like they want the chairs to follow a format that has never been enforced before and it has not been approved by the community, neither the PDP.
See slide 6 at https://2021.apricot.net/assets/files/APSr481/afrinic-update-apnic51.pdf
i) The PDWG is under the impression from a previous correspondence of the now ex-co chair AbdulKarim that the co-chairs had already sent the ratification reports to the Board.

ii) There were requests on the rpd mailing list to the outgoing co-chairs to share the mails that they have sent to the Board with the PDWG and there were no responses.

iii) The Board Chair informed the community on 14 Feb 2021 that the report for ratification was not received.


iv) It is incorrect to mention that the Board wanted the chairs to follow a specific format. This is a misinterpretation of the information provided by the Policy Liaison to the mailing list in regard to the report template. https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/rpd/2021/012374.html



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