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Sun Jun 27 12:02:36 UTC 2021

Hi Oga Ubah,

On Sun, 27 Jun 2021, 14:09 Anthony Ubah, <ubah.tonyiyke at gmail.com> wrote:


> NB: Series of "unemployment youths" are the architects of alot of the the

> present day(future) norms and innovation.


Exactly and you are spot on. But guess what, they need the Internet to

The Internet (In Africa) is made possible when an IPv4 Integer finds
residence on an Ethernet Network Interface Card #NIC with ports on some
Router in Abuja and a server in Luanda and a some firewall in Capetown and
that interconnected infrastructure across this continent is profoundly
affecting all of us in different ways.

This is why I do not understand what my brother Paul is going on about and
I am trying to understand his view point because it does not make sense.

Shall AFRINIC resource members stop using IPv4 addresses to build real
Internet Infrastructure in AFRICA and just go about selling each IPv4
address (from their allocations) as a product for 30USD.?

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