[Community-Discuss] [rpd] Unaddressed queries by AFRINIC during AGMM

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sun Jun 27 00:24:54 UTC 2021

In message <7DFE61F1-1FDE-4F53-AC41-B95D4CB4A9F7 at delong.com>,
Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:

>Note that Ronald makes it clear that entities which have no nexus in the

>AFRINIC service region should not be eligible for membership.

Just to clarify, that's not exactly what I said. I quoted the Bylaws.
They say that one must have -both- a business footprint in the region
-and- also must be providing some (unspecified) amount of service
within the region.

>IMHO, one meets the requirements of section 6 if

>one merely has a business presence (legal nexus) within the AFRINIC

>service region and some amount of operations there.

I am compelled to agree with that interpretation of the Bylaws, as
currently written. (Note that some current members provably provide
-zero- services within the region at the present time.)

Not that I personally wouldn't have it be otherwise, if I could.

In the LACNIC region, a minimum of 50% in-region usage is required.

Seems reasonable to me.

In fact it seems even -more- than reasonable to me in the specific case
of AFRINIC, given the history of all that has gone on, specifically the
dubious assignments, and separate from that, the general and now well-
documented looting and pillaging that has gone on, which has exclusively
ended up benefitting non-Africans.

(This has all been quite untowards and unsavory in its apperance, and that
is *not* an inconsequential point. How many here would be happy to hear
that deliveries of vaccines to Africa, e.g. from the U.N., had been
massively rampped up, but that some significant fraction of those was
being diverted into the black market, only to be resold in, for example,


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