[Community-Discuss] Unaddressed queries by AFRINIC during AGMM

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Fri Jun 25 09:04:56 UTC 2021

Dear all, 

I believe it is crucial to take into consideration Paul’s statement. Indeed, during the AGMM, many questions were not properly addressed, also, individuals with comments or concerns were automatically interrupted, therefore, their inquiries rejected. 

Mainly, the participants who did not get the opportunity to express their thoughts, were trying to tackle some serious issues about the system of management of AFRINIC as an RIR. 

AFRINIC staff needs to provide the community with specific responses to the questions raised by Paul, due to their problematic nature, also, simply, to clarify any misunderstandings or new provisions that need to be discussed. Frankly, I assume it is unacceptable for an RIR to impose such rules and I firmly believe that the fair market value of IP addresses needs to be applicable in AFRINIC’s service area. 

Moreover, we cannot turn a blind eye to all the things that went south in the history of AFRINIC, if we strive for excellence and improvement, we need to cut off defected systems and anomalies from the root. 


On Thursday, June 24, 2021, 05:28:49 PM GMT+9, Paul Wollner <paul.wollner at africaoncloud.net> wrote:

Dear Chairperson,


Reference is made to the AGMM chaired byyou on the 4 June 2021.


I wish to put on record that at the AGMM wewere not given a reasonable opportunity to discuss and comment on themanagement of AFRINIC and in particular to the following issues:-




AFRINIC claims that any change in the IPusage will require re-justifying the usage. Would it mean that, hypothetically,if I have a web customer on my server and they leave to be replaced with a VPNcustomer, will I need to seek AFRINIC’s approval first?


Question 1 was not discussed orcommented upon




The rest of the world enjoys a 30 USD/IP ata free open market. With AFRINIC having a transfer policy in place, willAFRINIC still demand any unused IP be returned to them for free?


Question 2 was not discussed orcommented upon




Out-of-region use was extensively discussedwithin the last decade, and it was a consensus that pre-soft landing space isallowed for out-of-region use. Yet, I heard that AFRINIC seems to be usingbylaw 6.1 to manage other people’s resource usage. This is not part of AFRINICpolicy and has, with good reason, never been approved by the community. CanAFRINIC clarify its understanding of out-of-region usage to the member base?


Question 3 was not discussed orcommented upon




Madhvi was in charge of the registrationdepartment when the IP heist happened – this, at the very least, shows herincompetence, so why is she getting promoted instead of rightfully dismissed?


Question 4 was not discussed orcommented upon


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