[Community-Discuss] Unaddressed queries by AFRINIC during AGMM

Paul Wollner paul.wollner at africaoncloud.net
Thu Jun 24 08:27:54 UTC 2021

Dear Chairperson,


Reference is made to the AGMM chaired by
you on the 4 June 2021.


I wish to put on record that at the AGMM we
were not given a reasonable opportunity to discuss and comment on the
management of AFRINIC and in particular to the following issues:-




AFRINIC claims that any change in the IP
usage will require re-justifying the usage. Would it mean that, hypothetically,
if I have a web customer on my server and they leave to be replaced with a VPN
customer, will I need to seek AFRINIC’s approval first?


Question 1 was not discussed or
commented upon




The rest of the world enjoys a 30 USD/IP at
a free open market. With AFRINIC having a transfer policy in place, will
AFRINIC still demand any unused IP be returned to them for free?


Question 2 was not discussed or
commented upon




Out-of-region use was extensively discussed
within the last decade, and it was a consensus that pre-soft landing space is
allowed for out-of-region use. Yet, I heard that AFRINIC seems to be using
bylaw 6.1 to manage other people’s resource usage. This is not part of AFRINIC
policy and has, with good reason, never been approved by the community. Can
AFRINIC clarify its understanding of out-of-region usage to the member base?


Question 3 was not discussed or
commented upon




Madhvi was in charge of the registration
department when the IP heist happened – this, at the very least, shows her
incompetence, so why is she getting promoted instead of rightfully dismissed?


Question 4 was not discussed or
commented upon

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