[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] Call for AFRINIC’s registry service migration to other RIRs

Ish Sookun ish.sookun at lasentinelle.mu
Sat Jul 31 06:31:22 UTC 2021

Shouldn't these be evidence for AFRINIC's legal team to show how the
destruction of the organisation is being orchestrated?


Ish Sookun

On Saturday, 31 July 2021 02:02:49 +04 Bill Woodcock wrote:

> Worthy of note, this morning someone with the email address 龙腾网络

<68688988 at qq.com> posted the following unsigned missive to the APNIC
discussion mailing list:

> > From: "龙腾网络" <68688988 at qq.com>

> > Subject: [apnic-talk] apnic-talk at lists.apnic.net

> > Date: July 30, 2021 at 12:18:06 AM EDT

> > To: "apnic-talk" <apnic-talk at lists.apnic.net>

> >

> > Dear community,

> >

> > AFRINIC is facing a crisis that would also swallow the other RIRs without

> > proper action on our behalf. The legal action of multiple parties against

> > AFRINIC has frozen their bank account, cutting off their financial

> > support and impairing AFRINIC’s ability to perform as a fully functioning

> > RIR.

> >

> > The other RIRs will also suffer especially with the Joint RIR Stability

> > Fund of the NRO. With this, it might be that APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, and

> > RIPE-NCC and other non-members to be on top of the news and unite against

> > NRO’s solidarity pact to avoid sharing AFRINIC’s possible future of

> > liquidation and insolvency. It can’t be stressed enough that AFRINIC’s

> > problems can easily become the problem of other RIRs without proper

> > safeguards.

> >

> > There are other issues and questions that would be raised aside from the

> > very real possibility that AFRINIC may incur a 50 million USD debt with

> > the current legal proceedings. Would APNIC’s liability be limited to the

> > current funds and will the APNIC members have to pay for AFRINIC's debt?

> > Will they be assured that the RIR’s joint fund will stay the same and not

> > increase when there is a need? Or is there any confirmation that

> > membership fees stay the same, vis a vis the issue with AFRINIC’s

> > financial status?

> >

> > These questions demand that we think about it carefully and ensure that we

> > do not follow down AFRINIC’s path. Regardless of how we do it, it is

> > encouraging that justice is served, and hopefully AFRINIC will open their

> > eyes and resolve their legal issues with the parties involved.

> >

> > And more to it, we have just learned AFRINIC themselves have admitted in

> > the press their inability to continue operation will impact end users

> > worldwide(https://www.lexpress.mu/article/397324/grands-titres-lexpress-c

> > e-jeudi-29-juillet-2021), so it is extremely important for the continuity

> > of the service, NRO taking over AFRINIC's registry function to avoid any

> > potential disruptions to the globe internet. litigation came with huge

> > risk, not to mention multiple litigation AFRINIC is currently facing, and

> > since AFRINIC have provide their own admission of their inability to

> > continue to operate, it is critical to have other RIR taking over their

> > core function of registry service to ensure continue service of the

> > internet

> So, in short, this is an attempt to sway APNIC members toward withdrawing

> support for AfriNIC. Since the threat to AfriNIC originates from the APNIC

> region, I feel that this would be irresponsible, and I pointed this out in

> my reply on the APNIC list.


> Google translates 龙腾网络 as “Dragon Network” rather than “Sock Puppet” but,

> you know, sometimes they get something wrong.


> -Bill

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