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Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Jul 29 09:11:54 UTC 2021

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Ish Sookun <ish at lsldigital.com> wrote:

>On Thursday, 29 July 2021 02:37:50 +04 Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:

>> (And indeed, we here in the U.S.

>> are routinely inundated with such calls on a daily basis, starting

>> generally about two months before each local or national election.)


>Americans accept to be inundated with election lobbyists on phone on daily


Only around election time, thankfully.

>And they do nothing to stop it?

Well, you know, it's a funny thing. Lots of people and lots of organized
groups have lobbied repeatedly over the years for the enactment of new
laws that would put a stop to this, but rather surprizingly (to almost no
one) the elected politicians who would have to adopt such new laws
restricting such practices have consistantly failed to do so, and for
many many years in a row.

Some have suggested that maybe... since they are the ones doing it...
they are not all that keen on passing new laws to restrict their own
practices, infuriating to the public thought they may be.

Funny how that works.


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