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>> The current situation poses risks to users who rent their IP addresses. I think the problem itself is AFRINIC's own problem. Who allocated 7 million addresses to them? As far as I know, even providers like OVH do not have 7 million IP addresses. And a paper company can get 7 million IP addresses.



>> This part of the world, we call them brief case companies.


>> So while checking some statistics with a good friend over the weekend, we just noted that actually Cloud Innovation has more IPv4 addresses than East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and I won't even bother posting for Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan because its sad.


> It also serves more end users


> You mean e.g........


> 1. AS133199 = SonderCloud Limited,

> Country of Origin:Hong Kong

> https://bgp.he.net/AS133199#_prefixes <https://bgp.he.net/AS133199#_prefixes>


> …[snip]...


> 19. AS262167 Redcol S.A.

> Country of Origin: Chile in South America

> https://bgp.he.net/AS262167#_prefixes <https://bgp.he.net/AS262167#_prefixes>

> https://bgp.he.net/net/ <https://bgp.he.net/net/>


Sure, among others that are both within and outside of Africa.

This is allowed by current policy, whether you like that fact or not.

> What is your point?


> IPv4 Addresses Allocation to Cloud Innovation Ltd are being originated by various ISPs around the world beyond AFRICA some of whom are below from China, USA, HongKong, Chile etc and other locations based on each ASN.



> AS132203

> AS13768

> AS262167

> AS35916

> AS140107

> AS55330

> AS40065

> AS40676

> AS137443

> AS137951

> AS134548

> AS64021

> AS136038

> AS63888

> AS132839

> AS62587

> AS134121

> AS141374

> AS133199


> And the only known AFRICAN AS originating CIL prefixes in Africa is Africa On Cloud's

> AS328608

> https://bgp.he.net/AS328608#_prefixes <https://bgp.he.net/AS328608#_prefixes>

Are you sure about that?

China Telecom South Africa is (to the best of my knowledge) in Africa. Who cares where they got their ASN?

That is just one example.

There are others.

> And that is my point!..... so much so for a unique routing 😏

I still don’t understand how your point is relevant. So Long as Cloud Innovation is providing services in Africa, it meets the requirements in the bylaws for membership. There is nothing there about what percentage of the company’s business must be in Africa. There is nothing there about any sort of requirement for connectivity services to be provided with the addresses. There’s nothing there requiring ASNs issued by AFRINIC to announce the prefixes.

You keep implying requirements that simply don’t exist.

If you have a legitimate complaint about an actual violation of policy, let’s hear it.

Otherwise, what is the point of persisting in these exercises?


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