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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
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> Hi Owen,


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>>> So while checking some statistics with a good friend over the weekend,

>>> we just noted that actually Cloud Innovation has more IPv4 addresses

>>> than East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and I won't

>>> even bother posting for Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan because its sad.


>> It also serves more end users than the population of all of those

>> countries combined. What is your point?


> "serves" ...?


> with connectivity?

In some cases.

> Or by "buying" IPv4 addresses one place and "selling"/leasing them

> another place.

By providing a variety of services, some of which include IP address management
independent of connectivity.

> this is to me closer to speculation than the stated intention of


> 1. the resource we take are using in africa.

> 2. we are investing in africa.

We are definitely investing in Africa. That statement remains true.

Regarding the former statement, things do change over time. At the time the statement was made, it was true.
Today, the statement “many of the resources we received from AFRINIC are being used in Africa” would be more accurate.

> which is a quote from

> https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/rpd/2014/004161.html

Yes… It’s a 7 year old statement which was true at the time.

> and which I understand was good reason to receive IPv4 addresses.

> *was*

> when it was true.

And today, a good reason to keep the addresses is:

We use the addresses to number internet connected hosts on our own and our customers networks.

This is a perfectly valid justification for addresses and there is no basis in current policy to deny it and
it remains a true statement to this day.


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