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Iyedi Goma iyedigoma at gmail.com
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Slt à tous,

cette situation est inédite je ne pense pas qu un autre registre a déjà
vécu cela, c est juste dommage et triste de voir jusqu où on est capable d
aller pour servir les intérêts.
Comment des gens qui pensent être aux services du développement d une
communauté peuvent s exalter à la mise en gèle d un compte de l
institutions qu ils prétendent défendre ?

comment la justice peut conclure même si temporaire au gèle sans préavis
sans avoir donner un droit de defense à la partie accusées.

nous devons dire non, cette agenda caché que les gens ont où il est claire
que leur unique ambition est Le démantèlement De l.afrinic juste parcequ
ils pensent que l Afrique est une vache à.lait pour eux.

serge parfait Goma

Le mar. 27 juil. 2021 à 10:50, Ali Hussein <ali at hussein.me.ke> a écrit :

> I have been following this saga for a few days now and I can't help but

> wonder (And this is aside from discussing the case of Cloud Innovation and

> AfriNIC) I want to address the process of Mauritian law.


> How does a court in Mauritius freeze the bank accounts of another company

> through ex parte proceedings? For those who might not understand what I

> mean - *ex parte is **done with respect to or in the interests of one

> side only or of an interested outside party. *This is a basic tenet in

> law. Was Afrinic given an opportunity to defend itself before these orders

> to freeze its accounts were given? Or were summons given and Afrinic

> ignored them?


> If the former is true then maybe it's time to address the issue of the

> domicility of Afrinic. Maybe Mauritius is too hostile for a

> Pan-African-based organization. How else do you interpreter this? A court

> giving an unprecedented ex parte ruling against an African Organization in

> favor of a Hongkong-based organization who we are all clear is a purveyor

> of African IP Addresses to organizations outside of Africa as its core

> business model.


> Let's put aside all this hullabaloo of ohh...The board didn't do

> this...Oooh the board should have done this! and let's address the elephant

> in the room. Everything else is a sideshow.



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> On Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at 11:31 AM Ronald F. Guilmette <

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>> In message <9C433F54-9167-45D9-8B3C-F50998E6E32C at delong.com>,

>> Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:


>> >> That is certainly NOT a document that I have seen.

>> >

>> >Understandable, since as I stated, it was a private message sent by

>> >Respondent to Petitioner.

>> >

>> >I am seeking approval from our legal team to provide it.


>> Well, no offense Owen, but I also have in my posession a document that

>> definitively proves that you are Satan. I would like to share that

>> with everyone, but my lawyer won't let me. Until he does however

>> I think that everyone should just take it on faith, because I'm

>> always right and I never lie.

>> :-)



>> Regards,

>> rfg


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