[Community-Discuss] Share About Cloud Innovation Ltd and their business

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Jul 27 07:30:14 UTC 2021

In message <750C5B12-0163-40BB-937E-3A49482D00AA at delong.com>,
Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:

>Cloud Innovation is NOT a "paper company" or a "shell corporation".

Reasonable people may resonably disagree about the exact definition of
those specific terms.

It is certainly the case that, unlike, say, Silicon Valley, or San Francisco,
or New York, or Los Angeles, or Amsterdam, or London, or even Hong Kong,
the Seychelles Islands do not enjoy a worldwide reputation as a hotbed of
innovative young Internet companies.

But of course, there are always exceptions.

It might be helpful to our understanding if either you or Lu Heng would be
so kind as to post some video or photographs of Cloud Innovation's sprawling,
expansive, well-appointed, and well-equipped NOC in the Seychelles Islands,
preferably with one of the many talented and well-trained staff networking
engineers employed there holding up a copy of that day's local Seychelles
newspaper, just so that we can verify.

>Every customer provides a needs justification that would be accepted by

>virtually any RIR they could apply to and CI is careful not to lease to

>spammers and other miscreants.

As I am sure you are aware Owen, the exact definition of "miscreant" when
it comes to online actors varies rather dramatically from place to place
across the globe. In some places, anything goes, as long as it isn't spam.
Other places are rather less liberal.

Just to take one example, as I understand it, in Mainland China (PRC)
it is illegal to operate either online gambling web sites or online porn
web sites.

Can you state for the record, and definitively, that there are no such
web sites, written in the Chinese language and targeting PRC nationals,
that are currently hosted on any part of Cloud Innovantion's IPv4 address

If not, then the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) might perhaps take issue
with your blanket assertion that there are no "miscreants" currently making
use of Cloud Innovantion's IPv4 address space. (I myself would not, but as
a U.S. citizen I have a rather significantly different view on these things.)


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