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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Jul 27 05:17:53 UTC 2021

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>> This is a direct violation of the CoC.


> No, actually, it isn't.


> The information about how Cloud Innovation is presently making use of

> it's assigned 6,291,456 AFRINIC-administered IPv4 addresses is effectively

> public information, and it is not difficult to derive from any number of

> public sources (e.g. RIPEStat, bgp.he.net, etc.)


> If you lived in the time of Galileo Galilei, would you consider it an

> affront to public decency if some people elected to look through the

> telescope and then just describe what they saw? And if so, then what

> is next? Book burning?

Given past experiences, in Africa, more likely government-controlled
internet shutdowns.

As to the bit about censorship and such, I completely agree with you.
There’s no basis for shouting down Leo S.


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