[Community-Discuss] Resignation

Brian Sowers b.sowers154 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 04:15:34 UTC 2021

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your time at AFRINIC. No one blames you for no longer wanting to deal with AFRINIC’s asinine politics. That said, how significant a cause was the “Assisted Review” program for your resignation?


According to the pdf above, the “Assisted Review” program is intended to improve WHOIS accuracy. On the surface, it’s not immediately clear to me how the effects of this program can be misguided. I wasn’t able to find much more information on it, and I’m just wondering what other mechanics are involved and how wide the scope of their effects is. Does your NDA prevent you from speaking more on this program? Given the abruptness of your resignation and the specificity of this program in your post, this “Assisted Review” should now appear to become a major focal point of discussion.


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