[Community-Discuss] Resignation

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Jul 27 04:41:46 UTC 2021

There are legitimate reasons for Mark to be fearful of remaining on such a board. I am unable to go into details on the advice of counsel, but I respect Mark’s decision even though I am disappointed by it.

I, too, had hoped he would remain a lone voice for sanity in a mostly failing board.


> On Jul 26, 2021, at 05:38 , Sami Salih <sami.salih at outlook.com> wrote:


> Salam Mark,


> Thank you for volunteering for the community, I personally know how much you care about developing the AFRINIC. However, if I'm in your please I will fight more, but this is your way and I/we should respect it.

> I hope you continue to support the organization.


> best of luck


> Sami Salih

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> Hi Mark


> Good luck and thank you for participating and stopping Paul Wolner.


> History shall remember.


> Cheers

> Noah


> On Sun, 25 Jul 2021, 23:30 Mark Elkins, <mje at posix.co.za <mailto:mje at posix.co.za>> wrote:

> Dear community,

> I've handed the Chair of the AFRINIC Board my resignation - effective immediate. I'm still under NDA so can't say much. I do disagree with what is happening and feel that I have been grossly mislead. The current situation has been brewing for months - long before I joined.

> I do have a personal view that the "Assisted Review" program is misguided and needs to be terminated and its effects reversed. It would seem to be the cause of much friction.

> Thank you for your support and votes.

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