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Salam Mark,

Thank you for volunteering for the community, I personally know how much you care about developing the AFRINIC. However, if I'm in your please I will fight more, but this is your way and I/we should respect it.
I hope you continue to support the organization.

best of luck

Sami Salih
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Hi Mark

Good luck and thank you for participating and stopping Paul Wolner.

History shall remember.


On Sun, 25 Jul 2021, 23:30 Mark Elkins, <mje at posix.co.za<mailto:mje at posix.co.za>> wrote:

Dear community,

I've handed the Chair of the AFRINIC Board my resignation - effective immediate. I'm still under NDA so can't say much. I do disagree with what is happening and feel that I have been grossly mislead. The current situation has been brewing for months - long before I joined.

I do have a personal view that the "Assisted Review" program is misguided and needs to be terminated and its effects reversed. It would seem to be the cause of much friction.

Thank you for your support and votes.


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