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Hi Ronald
Maybe your number is correct, whether it is 6.3M or 7M,This is a shocking
number for everyone especially in 201x such a large block allocated. This
is not in 199x year.

On Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 4:25 AM Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com>

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> Meriem Dayday <meriemdayday at gmail.com> wrote:


> >This is a direct violation of the CoC.


> No, actually, it isn't.


> The information about how Cloud Innovation is presently making use of

> it's assigned 6,291,456 AFRINIC-administered IPv4 addresses is effectively

> public information, and it is not difficult to derive from any number of

> public sources (e.g. RIPEStat, bgp.he.net, etc.)


> If you lived in the time of Galileo Galilei, would you consider it an

> affront to public decency if some people elected to look through the

> telescope and then just describe what they saw? And if so, then what

> is next? Book burning?


> >Disclosing such information and data without the company's consent is a

> >clear attempt of defamation and can have legal consequences on the

> >concerned person.


> OK, let's parse that statement, because it conjoins two different obvious

> logical problems.


> First, the Internet is *not* a private network. Fact's about what various

> companies are doing on the Internet are possible to see, and to learn,

> without needing the consent of the companies inolved. That is the nature

> of the Internet. If you want to run your own closed private intranet,

> then go head. Nobody will stop you and you can then keep every last

> detail of your corporate operations utterly secret. But the minute any

> company obtains Internet number resources and starts using those, it

> *voluntarily* gives up some of its corporate secrecy in exchange for being

> a part of, and a participant on this great communications experiment we

> call the Internet.


> I personally am not now, and never have been a customer of Cloud

> Innovation.

> And yet even well before today I already determined for myself that well

> more that 90% of Cloud Innovation's assigned AFRINIC-administered IPv4

> address space was being deployed to other continents. This is not a state

> secret by any means, and the information may be derived from 100% public

> sources. Anyone clever enough to seek it out will find the same

> information.


> Whether the manner in which Cloud Innovation is using/deploying its

> assigned number resources does or does not comport with its specific

> RSA and/or with community approved regulations is a separate question,

> and one which I myself do not have an answer to. In any case, the

> courts will sort out those questions in due course, I imagine. But the

> mere facts of how Cloud Innovation has deployed its AFRINIC-assigned

> resources, or how it would appear to make money, based on the available

> public evidence, are *not* corporate secrets. Any attempt to portray

> them as such is just an attempt at heavy-handed censorship.


> The second logical problem with the statement above is contained in the

> part that says "... attempt of defamation and can have legal consequences

> on the concerned person."


> Exactly so! If the guy who posted the material you are reacting to was

> willing to take the legal risk to post that material, IN SPITE OF the

> possibility that he could, at least in theory, be sued for defamation,

> then why are YOU worried about it? Why should AFRINIC be worried about

> it? Obviously, this (theoretical) possibility of a defemation lawsuit

> is only a problem for the guy who posted the (allegedly) defamatory

> text, and he obviiously was willing to take the risk in order to express

> his opinion, SO WHAT IS THAT TO YOU?


> Here again, shouting down in the original poster in this manner appears

> to me to be just another a heavy-handed attempt at pointless censorship.


> I hope that we here can all have open and frank discusions of all of the

> issues now of concern to AFRINIC without these kinds of attempts to

> muzzle dissenting viewpoints based on perfectly silly arguments.



> Regards,

> rfg


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