[Community-Discuss] Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC

Arnaud AMELINA amelnaud at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 16:54:11 UTC 2021

I would just offer community consultation..
If you think AFRINIC is misbehaving, prove the legitimacy of your rights to
use the delegated ressources or your control over the legacy resources and
the community will help address your case.

It should be as simple as that.


!!! *Happy and Wonderful New Year To All *!!!


Le lun. 4 janv. 2021 à 14:27, Ron via Community-Discuss <
community-discuss at afrinic.net> a écrit :

> Request to all AFRINIC members whose resources are confiscated by AFRINIC

> and to those who are having legal issues with AFRINIC.

> Our experienced legal team can help you recover all your resources.

> Litigation is our expertise and we give 100% guarantee on our cases.

> No recovery of resources = NO FEE.

> No advance payment or retainer fee.

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