[Community-Discuss] [Board-Discuss] Candidate for a Review on the Utilisation of INRs Allocated (was: Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC)

S. Moonesamy sm+af at afrinic.net
Tue Feb 23 07:14:16 UTC 2021

Dear Noah,

The Registration Service Agreement (RSA) is an agreement between
AFRINIC and a Resource Member. I gather that a Resource Member would
have taken cognizance of all the terms and conditions in the RSA and
adopted policies as specified in the RSA. I unfortunately cannot say
much about a case related to a Resource Member as I would not know
the details of the matter.

The matter which you raised relates to internal policy. The Board
exercises oversight over internal policies as part of a corporate
governance practices. There is a service at
https://afrinic.net/whistleblowing for reporting a violation of
AFRINIC policies. Please feel free to use it if you, or anyone else,
would like to report an instance of a violation of AFRINIC policies
or standards.

S. Moonesamy

Board Chair, AFRINIC

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