[Community-Discuss] February 2021 Updates

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Feb 23 00:19:36 UTC 2021

In message <02b501d70904$38fbbc60$aaf33520$@afrinic.net>,
"Eddy Kayihura" <eddy at afrinic.net> wrote:

>In January 2021, AFRINIC reclaimed the IPv4 prefix, amounting to

>262,144 IP addresses from Logic web Inc. AFRINIC has been informed that Logic

>Web Inc has retained services of legal advisers to initiate legal actions

>against AFRINIC. We therefore await being formally served with the relevant

>court summons.

I would be willing to bet money right now that despite all of the bluster
and posturing to the contrary, neither Chad Abizeid nor Deepak Mehta are
going to be dumb enough to try to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Cohen by
wasting perfectly good money pursuing a claim that they cannot possibly win.
My personal theory is that Cohen only did so because he got flim-flammed by
the fast talking Maikel Uerlings, and now he is just hoping against hope
that he can find some way to get at least some of his money back.... which
will actually never happen. He thinks that he can somehow recoup his
losses, suffered at the hands of Uerlings, but I think it's fair to say
that he hasn't exactly demonstrated a firm grip on either reality or

Abizeid and Mehta are not quite so deluded, I think. They know what they
did and how they did it. Based on that, I have to believe that they both
understand that suing AFRINIC is only going to prove to be a black hole
for them, financially speaking. (That assumes, of course, that AFRINIC
doesn't just try to cut some secret back-room deals with these guys just
to persuade them to go away.... which I sincerly hope that AFRINIC will
not do.)

>Regarding the ongoing court case ref: Afri Holdings Ltd & Ors v/s AFRINIC (SC/

>COM/WRT/000295/2020), the matter is still pending before the Honourable Judge

>Chambers (Commercial Division) of the Mauritian Supreme Court.

I don't think there is a single thing about that lawsuit, or its handling
thus far, or even the judge overseeing it that could in any way seriously
be called "honourable". In any sane judicial system this would not have
been allowed to drag on already as long as it has, and would have been
tossed out long ago. There's nothing at all honourable about the
Supreme Court of Mauritius taking this long to resolve what is and what
should have been an open and shut case of fraud. Nor is there anything
which is in the least bit honorable about the Supreme Court of Mauritius
shrouding the entire proceedings in a cloak of impenetrable mystery, or
abuot the parties to the lawsuit doing likewise. I can certainly see
however why the Supreme Court of Mauritius wants minimal publicity about
this whole affair, and more specifically, minimal publicity about their
own role in perpetuating this farce for months on end, with no end in
sight anytime soon.

God made the Universe in seven days, but the Supreme Court of Mauritius
apparently can't manage to figure out a rather straightforward, although
novel fraud scheme, even given more than seven months to do so.

Perhaps they are still searching for their powdered wigs and buggy whips.


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