[Community-Discuss] Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders        in AfriNIC

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Thu Feb 11 19:31:48 UTC 2021

Hi Widjane,

I agree with you in some of the points, but not in all them.

Policies among the RIRs aren’t exactly the same. They tend to converge with the time, but not always are 100% the same.
In fact, in some RIRs, right now, if you asked for resources and provided documents about what will be the usage and you change usage, you’re under lack of compliance. Note that we aren’t talking about business grow. For example, a very simple on, let’s suppose you got resources for an organization (assigned resources) and now you want to provide Internet services to others, that will be against policies, in all the RIRs. Another example, if you got resources in some RIRs you can’t use them to provide services outside of that region (at all, example AFRINIC, or depending on the % example LACNIC, it depends on the RIR).
I can agree with your that this is not right in many situations and policy should allow it. However, there are technical issues about allowing that freely, not just policy issues (and sometimes the policy issues, in fact, happen because technical issues).
AFRINIC is the only RIR, at the time being, that has not adopted (ratified and even less implemented) a policy proposal for Inter-RIR transfers. However, even in most of the RIRs, the allowed transfers are only for IPv4.
I will love that we could make policy changes in a more dynamic way, but specially in AFRINIC, it is being too slow.




El 11/2/21 20:01, "Wijdane Goubi" <wijdan.goubi at gmail.com> escribió:

Dear community,

Technically speaking, if a change of the nature is not allowed (as claimed by some) this doesn’t make any technical sense at all as there are consensus among several RIRs to allow inter RIR transfer and also allows intra RIR transfers.

The logic adopted that the change of nature is not permitted doesn’t sit well with the established sections of the policies adopted and used. In fact, the logic will bar and limit the ability for an organization to grow and expend its services.

This imposition will also burden the member to go through unnecessary bureaucratic demands and expectations whereas the matter could easily be resolved. The policy and understanding of business nature needs to be as dynamic as the internet is!

The internet grows and evolves from one form to another, so should the policy.
In fact, RIR never bothers or care with how the space is being used for.

A post from years ago (https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/rpd/2017/007222.html ), from both ARIN and RIPE explained that once the space is issued, their only concern is to ensure accurate registration.

The video and the section where both ARIN and RIPE NCC are speaking can be found on the following link: https://youtu.be/XBv44KAgFVQlist=PLLJRUWAm1GCZAGzqiCzX2CRU7oqLDC9e5

At or around 08:27:50, Andrea Cima from RIPE NCC explains that their reviews are called “ARC”, and it is to keep in touch and keep the data up to data, registry data, that is the contact details and so on. Investigation, that is the part of the “fraud”.

Whereas, at or around 08:29:50, Leslie from ARIN explains the scope of their policy, they only audit in fraud cases and only deregister in case of fraud.

Neither the RIPE NCC or ARIN does a re-evaluation of the resources and questions on how the LIRs are currently using their resources.

There is a global consensus on how spaces are being used currently—as long as the allocation process was justified and registration is actual, RIR does not care about its current usage.

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