[Community-Discuss] [afnog] Updates on the misappropriation of IPv4 resources

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Mon Feb 1 01:12:25 UTC 2021

FYI - Noah confessed to me privately that that message he just posted
was one he drafted some long time ago, but it sitting there, pending,
on a laptop that he had not turned on for some weeks.

In message <3C3DABEA-B235-4233-ACB1-B9FE9E60E3B6 at delong.com>,
Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:

>Disclosure to AfriNIC privately is an option and RFG has not stated to what

>extent he has or hasn't done so.

I have already disclosed on this mailing list 100% of the AFRINIC administered
IP address blocks that I have had reason to believe may have been either stolen
or squatted.

I haven't really had time to check, but my assumption is that 100% of these
have also been mentioned in the recent official AFRINIC report regarding
WHOIS accuracy. (I hope so anyway.)

Some other information relating to how all of this may have about... information
which may or may not be accurate, and which may or may not even be directly related
to these matters has been disclosed, by me, confidentially, to Eddy.

When and if I feel that this additional information is even worthy of being
shared I will do so.

Note that it is fundamentally the responsibility of AFRINIC management and the
Board to disclose how such a colossal mass of both free pool and legacy space
came to have been purloined, over a period of serveral YEARS, apparently with
no one in a position of authority, with the exception of Ernest, even noticing
that anything was amiss, despite repeated warnings from both myself and others.

As President John F. Kennedy once said "Success had a thousand fathers, but
failure is an orphan." So it is in this case. Other than Ernest, who had no
real choice in the matter, no other AFRINIC official or employee has been held
to account for any part of this colossal and, sadly, still ongoing calamity.


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