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I highly appreciate CI's good communication with its clients regarding the development of the lawsuit but I also agree that it would be good to see what AFRINIC also has to say on the matter, to its members and everyone else in the community. It is normal that the case involves a certain level of confidentiality but from Cheken's link it appears that AFRINIC has "repeatedly breached the Judge's order and acted in contempt of the court'', so at what cost? How would this reflect on the outcome of the litigation and everyone impacted?

Reference:  https://afrinic.net/court-cases

Given that one of the matters of litigation is a claim of defamation by Cloud Innovation against AFRINIC as a result of AFRINIC’s past communications to the community about the cases, it would not surprise me in the least if AFRINIC were to be quite reticent about further communications on these legal matters – I know that I would be if ARIN faced similar circumstances, even if it went further so as to include specious representations to our community about their status.


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