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> Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com> wrote:
> >Secondly - you keep referring to my time on the board - so - I once again
> >ask AfriNIC to please release me from the NDA to which I am bound so that
> I
> >am free to share what really happened during this period.
> This is kind-of a bullshit response for two (2) reasons:
> 1)  You *know* that AFRINIC is never going to say to you "OK, because you
> are
> such a sweet guy, we have decided that our NDAs are no longer applicable in
> your case."  It's just never gonna happen, so your statement is silly and
> vacuous on the face of it.  It is maningless.  You killed a bunch of
> electrons
> for absolutely nothing.
> 2)  AFRINIC is not in a position to sue anybody, EVEN IF someone were to
> *publicly*
> break one of their old NDAs.  So if you had any balls and if you had
> anything of
> importance to say, you would have said it already, if not publicly, and on
> the
> record, then you could have leaked what you know, confidentially, to any
> number
> of journalists.  (I have some phone numbers in case you are totally unable
> to find
> them on your own.)
> I'm sorry Andrew, but I have no patience for these games.  As you may
> know, we have
> a committee of our congress *and* a few thousand journalists who are
> working their
> butts off, as we speak, to try to find out the real truth of what happened
> in
> Washington D.C. this past January 6th.  The Trump loyalists are all hiding
> behind
> false claims of "executive privilege", just as you are hding behind your
> NDA, but
> other people *are* talking, both on and off the record, and as a result,
> the whole
> truth about January 6th *is* going to come out.
> You can either be part of the solution or be part of the problem.  Which
> you choose
> to be has more to do with your character than it has to do with any piece
> of paper,
> and it is a matter of public record that you have been on the "RIRs can
> blow me if
> they don't like wnat I'm doing" team for many many years now.  That puts
> you
> unambiguously on the same team as Lu Heng, and I guess that's why you
> don't really
> care to tell anybody what you know about how he really came to have more
> than $100
> million USD worth of "mana from heaven".
> Regards,
> rfg
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