[Community-Discuss] Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC

Elad Cohen elad at netstyle.io
Fri Oct 30 13:42:28 UTC 2020

Ali, AfriNIC, all

All I did was to respond to Ronald Guilmette after he defamed me for very very long time in that same mailing list, without any request for him to stop by anyone.

I'm asking for AfriNIC Code of Conduct to apply also to the messages of AfriNIC CEO that lied to the community on 31th of January 2020 (https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/community-discuss/2020-January/003458.html) and based on his lies I was defamed in a news report.

"We are also ensuring that the current holder/contact of the resources are provided with the opportunity of proving their ownership."

All my related replies to AfriNIC were intentionally ignored. While this is not what written to the AfriNIC community by AfriNIC CEO, and based on that lying sentence I was defamed in a news report. And also AfriNIC dragged everything to a legal case after lying to the whole AfriNIC community (in the above link).

No word from AfriNIC (or AfriNIC CEO) about all the non-legacy netblocks that were provided for "free" by AfriNIC and then there was a data loss incident...

For example:

What is going on here ???

Because important people in the industry such as Owen DeLong are on the payroll of "Cloud Innovation Ltd" then no one is speaking about all the non-legacy netblocks that this single entity received ? (such as /11's and /16's like candies)

Owen DeLong specifically wrote here in Community-Discuss when he was asked about netblocks "Cloud Innovation Ltd" the following sentence: (and he also confirmed receiving money from "Cloud Innovation Ltd")

"Nothing to see here"


So with all the enormous non-legacy netblocks that AfriNIC gave for "free" there is "nothing to see" ? (with the words of Owen DeLong) but with my legacy resources that I purchased legaly with money and didn't receive anything for "free" - AfriNIC is dragging it all to a colloquial legal case after intentionally ignoring all my replies to them?

AfriNIC LIR members need to start waking up, this is your RIR.

Kind Regards,
From: Ali Hussein <ali at hussein.me.ke>
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2020 2:52 PM
To: AFRINIC Communication <comms at afrinic.net>
Cc: Elad Cohen <elad at netstyle.io>; community-discuss at afrinic.net <community-discuss at afrinic.net>
Subject: Re: [Community-Discuss] Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC

Great to see Afrinic finally taking action to curb this behavior.

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On 30 Oct 2020, at 2:33 PM, AFRINIC Communication <comms at afrinic.net> wrote:

Dear Mr Cohen,

AFRINIC in its role to enforce the code of conduct on the community mailing list is issuing you your first written warning for the offensive behavior displayed against another member of the community list, namely Mr. Ronlad F. Guilmette on the thread titled “Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC”


You went on to continue with such behaviour after the AFRINIC communications team reminded the list of the code of conduct by sending out the following email


In light of above, your behaviour has been deemed as offensive, discriminatory, and intimidating as it included personal attacks.This is in direct violation with Sections II and III of AFRINIC’s Code of Conduct. https://afrinic.net/code

You are hereby reminded to abide by the AFRINIC Code of Conduct when interacting with the AFRINIC community at all times.

For more information please refer to the following blog. https://afrinic.net/20200903-code-of-conduct

Please refrain from acting inappropriately on AFRINIC mailing lists again.

AFRINIC Communications Team


Cher Monsieur Cohen,

AFRINIC dans le cadre de son action pour faire respecter le code de conduite sur la liste de diffusion communautaire vous adresse un premier avertissement écrit pour le comportement offensant à l'encontre d'un autre membre de la liste communautaire, à savoir M. Ronlad F. Guilmette sur le fil intitulé "Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC".


Vous avez continué avec ce comportement même après que l'équipe de communication AFRINIC ait fait un rappel sur le code de conduite en envoyant le courriel suivant:


À la lumière de ce qui précède, votre comportement a été perçu comme étant offensant, discriminatoire et intimidant car il inclut des attaques personnelles. Ceci est en violation directe avec les sections II et III du code de conduite de l'AFRINIC : https://afrinic.net/code

Il vous est rappelé de respecter le code de conduite AFRINIC lorsque vous interagissez avec la communauté AFRINIC à tout moment.

Pour plus d'informations, veuillez vous référer au blog suivant. https://afrinic.net/20200903-code-of-conduct

Veuillez vous abstenir d'agir à nouveau de manière inappropriée sur les listes de diffusion AFRINIC.

L’Equipe de Communications d’AFRINIC

On 27 Oct 2020, at 17:57, Elad Cohen <elad at netstyle.io<mailto:elad at netstyle.io>> wrote:

"I have other things to attend to." - like cleaning pores?
From: Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com<mailto:rfg at tristatelogic.com>>
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 3:03 PM
To: community-discuss at afrinic.net<mailto:community-discuss at afrinic.net> <community-discuss at afrinic.net<mailto:community-discuss at afrinic.net>>
Subject: Re: [Community-Discuss] Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC

In message <995ECA50-E1DA-49EA-ACC0-54EDA4091D1A at afrinic.net<mailto:995ECA50-E1DA-49EA-ACC0-54EDA4091D1A at afrinic.net>>,
AFRINIC Communication <comms at afrinic.net<mailto:comms at afrinic.net>> wrote:

>The Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system is a successful model of

>industry self-regulation...

I would be happy to debate the truth or falsehood of that proposition
with you at some appropriate moment. (Not just now. I have other
things to attend to.)

It is likely true that the RIR system has served, like the Pax Americana
of the late 20th century and the Pax Romana before it, to prevent all-out
violent confrontations between otherwise opposing factions. But this
is not the only possible definition of the word "successful", and there
have been glaring and evident problems... in the AFRINIC region, in the
ARIN region, in the RIPE region, and elsewhere. To simply and unilaterally
declare that "This model of governance is good. End of discusssion." is
not entirely persuasive in the present context.

And although the industry may view this model as having been fantastically
successful at keeping various governments largely or entirely at bay and
largely or entirely out of the Internet regulation business (which even
I would agree is a profoundly Good Thing) the industry, such as it is,
is going to have to come to terms someday with that fact that secrecy
and the shrouding of every detail underneath a gigantic blanket of
NDAs neither promotes good governance nor is compatible with the ever
increasing dependency of society as a whole on this utility we call the
Internet, a utility whose underlying business arrangement have, by design,
been keep almost entirely opaque to the outside world.

The present pandemic has only increased the dependency of society on the
Internet, and thus it has also increased the need for more transparency
into these private business arragements, in the public interest.


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