[Community-Discuss] Notice to all the legacy netblocks holders in AfriNIC

Elad Cohen elad at netstyle.io
Mon Oct 26 19:30:02 UTC 2020

Hello Everyone,

AfriNIC are trying to impose all of their adopted policies on any legacy resource and on any legacy resource holder, even ones that didn't sign any RSA. In the legal case that I initiated.

AfriNIC, including the CEO of AfriNIC are hiding it from the community. AFRINIC CEO is hiding it in his latest report as well when he linked in it to the "Legacy Resource Holders" (https://afrinic.net/membership/legacy-resource) while in the legal case AfriNIC are secretly and hiddenly trying to impose all the adopted policies (that are contractual in RSA) on any legacy resource holder that didn't sign an RSA.

If AfriNIC will win the legal case - it will mean legacy netblocks are no longer legacy, and that there are obligations between legacy resource holders to AfriNIC and that if AfriNIC decide so then they can take legacy netblocks and they can delete them and they will be able to legally decide whatever they will want regarding any legacy netblock.

I also would like to mention one more thing, regarding the statement of AfriNIC CEO to the community on 31th of Janaury 2020: https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/community-discuss/2020-January/003458.html
Regarding the sentence: "We are also ensuring that the current holder/contact of the resources are provided with the opportunity of proving their ownership" - AfriNIC CEO lied to the community here because my email replies to AfriNIC were completely ignored (the reason known to me now is because there was an "email forwarder" set and the replies came from my main email address, with the correspondence of AfriNIC, just like with any "email forwarding" functionality). While on other occasions AfriNIC didn't ignore email messages coming from recipients after "email forwarding".

AfriNIC deleted my netblocks that I purchased legally after they lied to the community according to the above sentence, and after they received more than 30+ email notification over a period of years to their "notify:" hostmaster at afrinic.net email address regarding them.

Just one more point, nobody in the community is asking regarding all the non-legacy netblocks that were spread over for "free", including /11's ... when there was also a data loss ... only the legacy netblocks of me which I purchased legally and with money (didn't receive for "free") are interesting. I hope that the above will open your eyes.

Kind Regards,
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