[Community-Discuss] Yet more data base problems/inconsistancies

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Mon Nov 30 10:29:24 UTC 2020

Dear community,

We would like to highlight and appreciate your feedback on the WHOIS Database.

AFRINIC is committed to working towards improving the accuracy and security of the WHOIS Database and relies on such feedback to continuously improve the WHOIS Database.

In this regard, we would like to invite anyone who is willing to make such contributions to join the Database working group (DBWG) by subscribing to our mailing list.


AFRINIC is also pleased to announce the upcoming deployment of features that will improve security in the WHOIS Database.

Please read more on these deployments on our blog: https://afrinic.net/20201130-deprecation-of-crypt-and-md5

Ashil Oogarah

On behalf of AFRINIC’s IT and Engineering Team

> On 30 Nov 2020, at 06:48, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com> wrote:


> In message <20201130013319.xddpolsgaynzlza6 at benm-laptop>,

> Ben Maddison <benm at workonline.africa> wrote:


>> This seems fairly clear, to me at least, that having delegations at the

>> same authoritative nameserver for a subdomain and a

>> subdomain-of-a-subdomain is problematic.


> I don't see that.


>> Consider:

>> ns-a delegates foo.example.com to ns-b

>> and bar.foo.example.com to ns-c

>> ns-b delegates bar.foo.example.com to ns-d


>> Who is authoritative for host.bar.foo.example.com?


> My understanding is that the delegation of DNS authority works a lot

> like routing, i.e. in any case where two or more DNS authority delegations

> -could- theoretically be applicable, the most specific DNS delegation wins.


> Of course, if there are ties, where each of two or more delegations are

> equally specific, then that's problematic. But I don't think we are

> discussing such cases at the moment.


> I freely admit that I may perhaps not be on entirely solid ground when

> it comes to this "most specific wins" rule, but I do believe that's how

> DNS works. If I am wrong about that, I will be happy to be corrected.



> Regards,

> rfg


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