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Dear Eddy,
Thank you for updating the community. 
Can you give some more details about  your first point?
IP were claimed because of wrong WHOIS? when these Ip will be available for recycle?
What is difference between ip addresses reclaimed and IP addresses reversed?
Wondering on what grounds IP were allocation in the first place which are reversed and claimed?There is one more thread active about cloud innovations they have 2 x /11 and none of the IP are announced from Afrinic ASN or region but USA via Multacom ASN https://bgp.he.net/AS35916 
It is a violation of Afrinic policy if IP are not announced from Africa region or Afrinic ASN. Are such kind of allocations under investigation?
1.    Regarding the WHOIS database accuracy, we have completed the
first phase of the task. We have done all the reclaims and reversals
possible. We have also initiated communication with the remaining
holders of resources to allow them to prove the basis of their claim to
the right of use.

 [Some stats: 1,060,864 IP addresses reclaimed, 336,640 IP addresses
reversed, 2,517,760 IP addresses still under investigation]


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