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On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 5:57 PM Eddy Kayihura <eddy at afrinic.net> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,


> I hope you are all keeping well and safe during this pandemic period. My

> sincere apologies for not sending out last month's update. I will be

> posting updates, however short, by the 15th day. Below is a number of

> things we have been working on:


Dear Eddy,

Thanks so much for the update and for the effort towards rebuilding
AFRINIC. It can be fixed. Some few comments inline.

1. Regarding the WHOIS database accuracy, we have completed the first

> phase of the task. We have done all the reclaims and reversals possible. We

> have also initiated communication with the remaining holders of resources

> to allow them to prove the basis of their claim to the right of use.


This sounds more like “Registration accuracy” than “Whois database
accuracy”. Are we trying to be politically correct?

> [Some stats: 1,060,864 IP addresses reclaimed, 336,640 IP addresses

> reversed, 2,517,760 IP addresses still under investigation]


I hope at some point, we will know the reasons why these IP addresses were
reclaimed and reversed. If I may, what happened to the previous right of
use holders, and what is the future for these IP numbers?

> 2. We have kickstarted the second phase of the database accuracy

> project. It consists of a thorough audit of all the current allocations in

> our system to ensure completeness and accuracy. We wish to acknowledge

> APNIC's invaluable support during this ongoing exercise.


This was due. Thanks for taking on this activity.

> 3. The whistleblowing mechanism has been completed and is available at

> https://afrinic.net/whistleblowing. Like many organisations,

> whistleblowing helps guarantee transparency by ensuring stakeholders have a

> secure channel to report any misconduct. Constructive feedback is

> encouraged, welcome, and appreciated. This includes an anonymous reporting

> mechanism that aims to increase transparency and accountability levels. You

> are welcome to report any relevant issues through the platform hosted on an

> independent provider system.


What problem exactly are we solving here again?

While we try to understand the merits of this, one keeps wondering: Is it
still so bad? Can’t we trust each other with small staff? Why is there the
need for anonymity in what is supposed to be an open community? I mean, It
is not yet clear to me, how this would help with transparency.

IMHO, “transparency” should continue to be exercised from how we operate
and manage this community-driven organization”

4. The scoping exercise of the new version of MyAFRINIC is almost

> complete. Within a week, you will receive a short survey that will assist

> us in collecting data to inform the process. We count on you to make room

> for it and provide useful insights that will contribute to the success of

> the project.


> 5. As discussed previously, the organising committee of AIS'20

> reconvened at the beginning of June to assess the possibility of a face to

> face meeting and agreed that it is not yet possible to have one. We will,

> therefore, revert to remote sessions. The modalities of the organization,

> including the AGMM, will be confirmed after the board decision.


> 6. Even though it has been difficult to carry out members outreach

> activities in the first part of the year, we are working on a different

> strategy/approach to be used in the second phase of the year. We will share

> a plan with you in July.


> 7. Reading through some of the mailing lists recently has triggered an

> internal discussion. As a result, we have agreed to initiate a new project

> aimed at gathering and publishing documents that showcase the core values

> this community believes in. It includes elements such as transparency,

> inclusivity, rough consensus, as well as sharing technical expertise. We

> all must, however, not lose sight of what made us a community in the first

> place, especially in the face of the difficult issues and decisions that

> will impact the future of the digital economy growth in Africa and beyond.


> I wish you well, good health, happiness, and wisdom as we pursue our

> common goals and aspirations.


I wish you well and good health and keep up the good work.

> Kind regards,


> Eddy




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