[Community-Discuss] More stolen AFRINIC legacy blocks

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sat Dec 26 00:02:08 UTC 2020

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Ali Hussein <ali at hussein.me.ke> wrote:

>Noah has a point. Let's stick to AfriNIC issues which you have articulated

>very well. I'm shocked by the things you've said and

>hope for more action from AfriNIC.


>As to your internet links about how corrupt Uganda is let me just respond to

>you with the link below.

I do apologize that I have gotten seriously off-topic for this mailing list
by even mentioning conditions specific to Uganda. However I feel that
the facts, as they now stand, do justify my digression somewhat. It has
been a year since AFRINIC filed a report about Ernest with the Mauritian
police. Has Ernest been apprehended by the Ugandan police yet? Has he
even been detained or even interviewed by them? I think we would have
all heard about it by now if any of those things had happened.

As regards to the corrupution in my own country, USA, let me just say yes,
we have an extremely grave and serious problem with that right now, but
only at the very top of the national government. I assure you that here,
it is *not* at all common to pay off judges or police, and it is *not* at
all common to have to pay a bribe in order to get water service, or
electrical service, or sanitation service, or garbage pickup, or telephone
service, or any other common government-supplied services.

As regards to our highly corrupt and despicable President, he has done
many many things lately in his attempts to destroy our 244 year old
democratic system, and to try to install himself as our new Dictator
for Life. But he has utterly failed in all these attempts, and he lost
the Presidency in our recent elections. Thus, in accordance with law,
he shall be out of office on January 20th, and well more than half of
us here in the U.S. will be very relieved and pleased when his era of
corruption ends, as will the people of most nations all around the world,
I think.


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