[Community-Discuss] Ongoing thefts of AFRINIC Legacy Resources -- Ongoing collusion?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Aug 20 16:23:11 UTC 2020

In message <49BF4107-8FC6-4107-99F9-155C138FFA3A at gmail.com>,
Mike Silber <silber.mike at gmail.com> wrote:

>Ad hominem attacks such as these are not welcome on this list or in this community.


>While Mr Guilmette expressed his disappointment at the fact that his queries were not responded to in a transparent manner - I did not see any allegation such as you have made.

I did far more than merely expressing my disappointment at the utter lack
of transparency. I said quite plainly that I have been stonewalled for
months by AFRINIC management and staff AND that I have no idea why
AFRINIC is (purportedly) being sued by Mr. Cohen, since AFRINIC management
and staff have allowed Mr. Cohen to keep nearly 100% of his stolen booty
for more than 8.5 months now.... a clear and provable fact for which
no one has yet provided *any* explanation. (Jan Vermeulen's big article
about all of the thefts in AFRINIC was published on December 4th, 2019.
That was actually a full 8.5 months ago!)

Mike, rather than haranguing this A.T. Jane person for bad manners, why
don't you, as a member of the community, start asking some of the questions
that I have asked, and that management and the board are all clearly quite
reluctant to provide answers for, such as:

*) Why after 8.5 months have none of the legacy block illicit WHOIS
modifications been undone? Who is responsible for un-doing these
illicit changes to the WHOIS and why hasn't that person been doing
their job? Isn't Eddy the ultimate responsible party here? What is
his excuse for allowing these problems to languish, with no end in

*) What is Mr. Cohen -actually- suing AFRINIC for? AFRINIC management
and staff have -provably- allowed Mr. Cohen to keep nearly all of his
ill-gotten booty... all except the parts that the actual legacy holders
themselves took back (e.g. Sasol, the City of Cape Town, and Columbus
Stainless). So why on earth would Cohen be suing AFRINIC?

*) Why has every single reasonable request I have made, e.g. for historical
WHOIS information needed to complete my investigation of these matters,
been consistantly and 100% stonewalled by both Eddy and Madhvi?

*) Who permanently "disappeared" part of the WHOIS history for the block, and why?

*) Why is the legal complaint in this alleged legal action, by Mr. Cohen,
and against AFRINIC, being kept secret from both the public and even from
the dues-paying members of AFRINIC who have a clear right to see it? And
why do the dues-paying members of AFRINIC even tolerate this attempt to
hide the facts which they have a right to know? More to the point, who
is benefitting from this attempt by management and/or the board to hide
the full facts from the dues-paying members?

*) Who did Mr. Cohen allegedly "buy" all of the stolen legacy blcoks from?
It had to be some AFRINIC insider... someone who could fiddle the WHOIS
records at will. So who ELSE, in addition to Ernest, has been profiting
from the looting of AFRINIC?

*) Who else did Ernest implicate when he was confronted with the evidence
of his crimes by the board and management at the AFRINIC meeting in
Luanda, Angola in early December, 2019?

Mike, rather than spending your electrons chastizing list posters for
their bad manners, wouldn't it be a more productive use of your time
to join me in seeking answers to the above unanswered questions? Don't
you think that it is about time that this colossal mess and this colossal
and ongoing scandal finally got cleaned up, and isn't it already well
past time for the full facts to be revealed and disclosed, at least to
the dues-paying members?

Or should things just continue to go on they way they have been, with
AFRINIC still crooked and still a worldwide object of scorn and ridicule?

It's your RiR and your choice. The members can just continue to turn a
blind eye to all of this, but you cannot now do so without without knowing,
for certain, that MANY facts and answers are being deliberately hidden.


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