[Community-Discuss] Ongoing thefts of AFRINIC Legacy Resources -- Ongoing collusion?

A.T Jane atjane1990 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 14:52:54 UTC 2020


>From Ronald’s reply, it’s clear that Madhvi, AFRINIC’s Senior IP Resources

Specialist was involved in this entire scandal. She tried to help Ernst to
conceal this entire thing and it really confuses me why such a person shall
still be in the position of “Senior IP Resources Specialist” when it’s
obvious that she doesn’t even respect policy herself.

It is just as if someone who is in the position of a security guard; he
knows someone who illegally break into the place but still keeps his mouth

Shall this person be still in this position? Isn’t it this whole thing
absurd? I have never seen anything more corrupt and darker than this.

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