[Community-Discuss] AFRINIC legacy space ownership manipulation

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Wed Nov 6 15:10:35 UTC 2019

Thanks, Arnaud.

While I appreciate your differing view point, I disagree with it.

You are asserting that the Board are a placeholder to keep AFRINIC
running because the CEO and staff are unable to.

The Board's involvement has been too visible, even when Alan was the
CEO. Moreover, many items that could have been communicated and/or
co-ordinated by staff also came from the Board. So what is the point of
the staff?

I interacted with Board members, during Kampala earlier this year,
worried about how they can enhance network resiliency for AFRINIC's
services currently hosted in South Africa. I advised those Board members
to leave these decisions to the AFRINIC staff, who are more than capable
of dealing with this, even during the CEO transition.


On 6/Nov/19 14:05, Arnaud AMELINA wrote:

> Hello,


> Allow me to offer a different view. 


> Because we all want role separation which is normal and must be framed

> by the company’s constitution, we must agree  that the issue on the

> table is a matter for board. (Allegations  of malicious actions on to

> the public resources  which the organization is responsible for on

> behalf of the global internet community)


> Let us focus more on the message than on the carrier which could have

> been the CEO, legal, communication department.


> Separation of roles also encompasses that each party accept and

> respect the role and responsibilities of others.


> May be when the organization solves its complex governance issues

> being addressed and occupying all our attention, board can go  back to

> routine work and ceo and staff will engage on the operations and we

> will enjoy again working and interacting with them.


> It is curious to see that some former board members who were keen in

> violating the rules of separation of roles and always invoking company

> act, board fiduciary responsibilities are now asking for the separation...


> We’ve won something... let’s make it continue.


> --

> Arnaud


> Le mar. 5 nov. 2019 à 07:01, Mark Tinka <mark.tinka at seacom.mu

> <mailto:mark.tinka at seacom.mu>> a écrit :


> Don't know if it's just me, but curious why this update (and the

> investigations associated with it) are not coming from our CEO.


> I've consistently said that I feel the AFRINIC Board are too

> involved in AFRINIC's day-to-day affairs, which, IMHO, need to be

> managed by the AFRINIC CEO and his team, both in front of and

> behind the scenes.


> I am somewhat disturbed that this culture does not appear to have

> changed even on the back of the appointment of the new CEO.


> Personally, I'd rather be hearing from the CEO and/or any of his

> staff, than the Board.


> Mark.


> On 4/Nov/19 22:45, Bope Domilongo Christian wrote:

>> Dear Community at large,


>> As the community may also, be aware, AFRINIC has attracted some

>> media coverage relating to suspicious activity in its WHOIS

>> database primarily a limited section of legacy resources.



On behalf of the Board, I would like to assure both the AFRINIC

>> membership and the Internet community at large that the Board has

>> conducted some preliminary assessment of the matter, and would

>> like to let you know that investigations are progressing well and

>> will be concluded soon, most likely before or by the end of the

>> year. We cannot reveal much or go into further details at this

>> stage as we do not want to jeopardise the investigations.

>> However, you can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of

>> the matter. At the same time, we want to ensure that the rights

>> of any affected parties are respected and protected as per the

>> law. All said we are keen to ensure the interests of AFRINIC

>> members are safeguarded as we seek to maintain stable, reliable

>> and effective management of Internet resources. Besides, the

>> AFRINIC WHOIS database remains fully operational with high

>> standards of integrity.


>> Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement and AFRINIC

>> operations team is currently reviewing some of the

>> long-established processes relating to the management of Internet

>> resources under AFRINIC's ambit. The team is already implementing

>> some improvement measures at both the IT Infrastructure and

>> process level. As usual, the AFRINIC membership will be

>> appropriately apprised of the developments.


>> Best regards, 

>> Dr Christian D. Bope

>> Chairman, AFRINIC Board of Directors


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