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Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
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Thinking about the CEO, reading the minutes ( 
https://www.afrinic.net/ast/pdf/2019-minutes/20190305-minutes.pdf ) - I 
think the best way out for the AfriNIC community is if the whole board 
resigns - just leave the CEO. Andrew has got it right.

On 2019/05/28 14:36, Andrew Alston wrote:
> Benjamin,
> Let’s see – you have a public document – a document that is clearly 
> and totally in the public domain. You have an individual who was a 
> named party in that document – who chose to share that document.  You 
> have an active attempt by the board to sanction that individual for 
> engaging with the community who he is meant to serve.  You have a 
> statement by the chair of the board that the CEO does not serve the 
> community but instead serves the board.
> Effectively – you have a board attempting to censor the CEO from 
> engaging with this community – in a bottom up organization that by 
> legal representation during the IANA transition committed to the 
> concepts of self determination of members and transparency and bottom 
> up approach.
>  1. That constitutes micro-management
>  2. In constitutes a total and utter failure of the board to adhere to
>     the principles sworn to in the foundation of the organization in
>     the original ICP2
>  3. It shows a total disregard for the obligations set out in section
>     3 of the bylaws to keep members informed of all things pertinent
>     to the company
> What I see here – is nothing short of disgraceful – and I find it 
> absolutely shocking that any board member who has a shred of ethics – 
> would not have resigned in light of what is in those documents.  It is 
> a slap in the face of this community – and the entire global RIR 
> system – and I am disgusted and appalled.  I would say to Serge as a 
> starting point – if you have no shame – resign – now.  I would say to 
> the chair for your abject failure – resign – now.  I would say to 
> every member who consented to the final sections of that document – 
> resign – now.
> Andrew
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> Dear Sander,
> In your email to the community, you wrote
> > I am surprised at the level of micro-management that CEO Alan 
> Barrett has to deal with.
> I have read the minutes and I could not see any trace that is related 
> to “micro-management”. Rather the discussion revolved around the 
> procedure to publish the judgement, who should publish the judgement, 
> and the issue of NDA.
> Could you please show me in the minutes the part that is dealing with 
> the micro-management?
> Thank you,
> Benjiloh
> On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 12:50 PM Sander Steffann <sander at steffann.nl 
> <mailto:sander at steffann.nl>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I was just reading the board minutes at
>     https://www.afrinic.net/ast/pdf/2019-minutes/20190305-minutes.pdf
>     and I am surprised at the level of micro-management that CEO Alan
>     Barrett has to deal with. In those minutes both Alan and Seun
>     Ojedeji seem to be reprimanded for being open and transparent to
>     this community. The summary of those minutes show how the board
>     has made it explicitly clear that the CEO is to have no
>     responsibility anymore towards this community.
>     Therefore I would like to explicitly and publicly express my
>     gratitude to both Alan and Seun for their efforts to keep this
>     community involved in Afrinic matters in an open and transparent
>     way. I feel this is a strong requirement for keeping Afrinic
>     respected and supported by both its members and its community.
>     Sincerely,
>     Sander
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