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Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Mon Jun 17 18:22:04 UTC 2019

I understand that one of the signatories required by AfriNIC to manage 
certain reserves is that of a CFO. Who in the company plays that role 
and provides that signature?

Personally - I've always assumed that role was played by Patrisse.

(If it looks like a CFO and acts like a CFO (etc) - it probably is a CFO)

On 2019/06/17 19:38, Sander Steffann wrote:
> Hi Seun,
>> I wrote you offlist just to humbly educate you and I think you could 
>> have requested clarification since you seem to be confused with my 
>> response.
>> Again I maintain what I had earlier written to you privately:
>> 1. AFRINIC does not have a CFO at the moment
> So you're saying Patrisse is "finance and accounts director", which is 
> different from being CFO? Please explain this because I think this is 
> where the confusion happens.
>> 2. The role of interim CEO and CEO is not exactly the same.
> That depends on what the board tells the interim CEO to do, but he's 
> still holding the office of CEO.
>> 3. I quote the following from your mail "that nobody will take over 
>> the CFO role, and there will therefore not be a CFO while Mr Deesse 
>> takes the role of interim CEO."
>> Those words were yours as I never told you that in my offlist mail 
>> which you've decided to share publicly. I therefore maintain that any 
>> Board member that tell you that is incorrect based on my point 1&2 above.
> So I misunderstood you in that you didn't mean that there's is no CFO 
> while Patrisse is CEO, but you mean to say that there isn't a CFO at all?
> Is Afrinic seeking a CFO, or is the finance and accounts director 
> talking care of the duties that usually belong with a CFO?
> Thank you for the clarification
> Cheers,
> Sander
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