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Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Mon Jun 17 17:38:16 UTC 2019

Hi Seun,

> I wrote you offlist just to humbly educate you and I think you could have requested clarification since you seem to be confused with my response.
> Again I maintain what I had earlier written to you privately:
> 1. AFRINIC does not have a CFO at the moment

So you're saying Patrisse is "finance and accounts director", which is different from being CFO? Please explain this because I think this is where the confusion happens.

> 2. The role of interim CEO and CEO is not exactly the same.

That depends on what the board tells the interim CEO to do, but he's still holding the office of CEO.

> 3. I quote the following from your mail "that nobody will take over the CFO role, and there will therefore not be a CFO while Mr Deesse takes the role of interim CEO." 
> Those words were yours as I never told you that in my offlist mail which you've decided to share publicly. I therefore maintain that any Board member that tell you that is incorrect based on my point 1&2 above.

So I misunderstood you in that you didn't mean that there's is no CFO while Patrisse is CEO, but you mean to say that there isn't a CFO at all?

Is Afrinic seeking a CFO, or is the finance and accounts director talking care of the duties that usually belong with a CFO?

Thank you for the clarification

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