[Community-Discuss] Complain to NoMCOM

Ish Sookun ish.sookun at lasentinelle.mu
Sat Jun 8 16:07:09 UTC 2019


On 6/6/19 10:47 AM, ABDULKARIM AYOPO OLOYEDE wrote:
> Furthermore, for the future, I would like to suggest the following  
> 1.      All information required to verify a candidates eligibility
> should be published well in advance of the nominating period.
> 2.      Candidates should be required to submit all of that information
> within 30 days after being nominated, prior to the nominating
> committee’s consideration of their candidacy.
> 3.      Requests for additional information from the nominating
> committee should occur only in exceptional circumstances. In such a
> case, the request shall give each candidate at least 10 days to respond.
> 4.      All communications between the nominating committee and
> candidates should use an official address reserved for the nominating
> committee.

These are totally fair suggestions.

I would add that specific dates for submission deadline, review period,
etc, and other conditions are clearly indicated ahead of the call for
nominations. Besides nominees should be contacted by other means (if
they provided) apart from email, if a piece of information needs to be
verified urgently.


Ish Sookun

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