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Paul McMaster paulm at faircape.co.za
Thu Jun 6 09:41:28 UTC 2019

Frankly this is not a flaw, but incompetence.
If I was a conspiracy buff, one would wonder many things.....

On Thu, 6 Jun 2019 at 11:26, Taiwo Oyewande <taiwo.oyewande88 at gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> I find myself in the same shoes as Abdulkarim. I sent out my Application
> for the PDWG co-chair in due time, waiting to see the shortlisted
> candidates. When the shortlisted candidates were released, I felt I didn’t
> qualify for some reason. On trying to check if NOMCOM sent me a mail
> stating why I wouldn’t be shortlisted at this time, i stumbled on a mail
> from a personal gmail address in my spam requesting some more information
> for my PDWG co-chair application. Since then i have been trying to make
> contact with the committee via phone and email. But we haven’t been able to
> come to a resolve.
> I think it is unfair to give a 24hr deadline to send documents for such a
> position.
> I am of the strong opinion that the NOMCOM will like to produce the best
> candidates to emerge as co-chairs. This can only be achieved through a fair
> procedure.
> I will appreciate if this flaw can be reviewed and amended to make room
> for better competition and the emergence of the best candidates as co-chairs
> On this note I will like to commend the work of the NomCom so far. I am
> sure the job has not been easy. With a little improvement, a lot of great
> things will be achieved.
> Kind Regards
> Taiwo Oyewande
> On 6 Jun 2019, at 08:01, Bill Woodcock <woody at pch.net> wrote:
> Those all seem like very reasonable suggestions.
> Running a nomcom can be hard, but with concrete procedural guidelines like
> the ones just suggested, it can be made easier and more predictable. I’ve
> run a lot of nomcoms, and been on still more, and structure helps immensely
> to set everyone’s expectations and keep things running smoothly.
>                 -Bill
> On Jun 6, 2019, at 08:47, ABDULKARIM AYOPO OLOYEDE <
> oloyede.aa at unilorin.edu.ng> wrote:
> Dear all
> I one of the those who have spent a considerable amount of time in
> preparing my application for the position of the AFRINIC  policy chair,
> unfortunately, I didn’t get listed. Am sending this email just to clarify
> and correct the situation as I believe NOMCOM is out to a good job
> I checked my email today after being on holiday for Ramadan. Ramadan is a
> period where Muslims fast and it can be stressful but it is a period I take
> some time out of my stressful schedule to have a relationship with my
> creator.  On checking my email  I realised my name was not on the
> announcement list as a candidate (Slate) and I was shocked as I didn’t know
> why this has happened. on one hand, I felt maybe NOMCOM felt I was not good
> enough and I went on with my life.
> Later in the day, I checked my junk email and found that an email was sent
> earlier confirming the submission of my application asking for some
> personal documents. The email address used was a Gmail account. This email
> was sent last Sunday asking for the documents with a deadline for Monday.
> So I was wondering if the mail has even come into the normal box NOMCOM
> expected that candidates should provide personal information and documents
> within ONE day. They forgot it’s a weekend and people might also be on
> holiday. There was nothin asking me not to proceed on holiday after
> submitting the application. All required documents should have been asked
> during the application process. Again there was no reminder email. I
> believe NOMCOM should have used an official account not a random Gmail
> account to prevent filters seeing them as junk.
> I have now provided all the documents that were requested and I believe
> the application should be reconsidered
> I have respect for NONCOM and its members but I just feel I needed to send
> this so that NOMCOM can correct its mistakes as no one is perfect.
> I think its also unfair if this is not corrected.
> Candidates should be allowed to make their own decision to run or not as
> long as they are eligible.
> Furthermore, for the future, I would like to suggest the following
> 1.      All information required to verify a candidates eligibility should
> be published well in advance of the nominating period.
> 2.      Candidates should be required to submit all of that information
> within 30 days after being nominated, prior to the nominating committee’s
> consideration of their candidacy.
> 3.      Requests for additional information from the nominating committee
> should occur only in exceptional circumstances. In such a case, the request
> shall give each candidate at least 10 days to respond.
> 4.      All communications between the nominating committee and candidates
> should use an official address reserved for the nominating committee.
> Thank you
> --
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