[Community-Discuss] Reform Nomcomm - was Announcement for Final Candidate Slate for Open Seat on AFRINIC Governance Committee

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> >>>The NomCom report shared with the invitation includes _some_ info.
> ..cant parse. Where is this report? What does it mean shared 'with the invitation'?
> Either way 11 applicants for 5 continent-wide seats may mean we are not making Afrinic board seats attractive.  It would be nice to compare experiences in terms of applicant numbers in other RIRs or ICANN in general.  If the numbers are the same, then we conclude it is the nature of the business ;-)

I can speak of the ICANN experience:

16 voting directors
4 non-voting liaisons
of these voting members 2 appointed by the ASO, 2 by the ccNSO and 2 by the GNSO. 1 by the At-Large and the CEO
8 by the NomCom

The SO and AL Community appointees have varying degrees of competition. The last ASO appointment / election had 3 candidates (if I recall correctly), the ccNSO had 2. However there have been some unopposed appointments too. Similarly with the liaisons, there is a mix of elections and unopposed appointments. Some of the SO’s include the ability to block a candidate and then a compromise candidate must be sought.

The NomCom appoints candidates - it does not create a slate for election. It also appoints candidates to the council’s of some of the SO’s to allow for greater diversity and a reduction in group think.

In 2018 there were 109 applications for 8 positions (3 board, 2 ALAC, 2 ccNSO and 1 GNSO). From my previous experience in the ICANN NomCom, the majority apply for the board only, a small minority apply for specific SO and ALAC appointments and a bigger minority apply for the board but indicate they will consider another position.
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