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Hi all,

Please see my comments below (inline)...

Le ven. 6 déc. 2019 à 16:48, Caleb Olumuyiwa Ogundele <muyiwacaleb at gmail.com


a écrit :

> Dear Ronald,


> So I read where this comment below was attributed to you.



>> *“Most exemplary of this stonewalling was the staff response to our

>> reasonable requests for an unredacted copy of the current full WHOIS

>> database. Exactly

>> such unredacted database dumps *are* provided by all of

>> the four other Regional Internet Registries to qualified researchers

>> and journalists upon

>> request. When we submitted repeated requests for exactly

>> such unredacted

>> WHOIS database dumps to AFRINIC staff however,

our> requests were rejected> out of hand and neither any clear

>> reason nor *any* community-approved policy was cited as

>> the basis for the denial.”*


> While not taking brief for AFRINIC or any of its staff, I feel you should

> know that AFRINIC’s operation is also being governed by Mauritius data

> protection law.


Dear Caleb,
...part of the story you have quoted above is archived here [1] ; including
the process to request a full dump copie of the af-whois-db.
[1]: <https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/rpd/2019/009809.html>


> > <



> you might want to talk to them, directly, about a NRTM feed, though.


Do note that the above application and vetting is to allow access to
un-sanitised WHOIS data. That is, including all email addresses unmasked
(similar to command-line 'whois -B' output), as well as other contact
information. And this is entirely at hostmaster's discretion. The reason
for this being restricted is to prevent abuse of personal data for spamming
or other purposes. However, a full dump of the database, with emails, phone
numbers and physical addresses censored is freely available. This cannot be
used for looking up and person's or organisations contacts (and so cannot
be abused in that way either). However for a bulk set of allocations and
their status, it's all there, and updated once every 24 hours.
{ftp|http}://ftp.afrinic.net/pub/dbase/ <http://ftp.afrinic.net/pub/dbase/>*

> Mauritius regulates data protection under the Data Protection Act 2017

> (DPA 2017 or Act), proclaimed through Proclamation No. 3 of 2018,


> January 15, 2018. The Act repeals and replaces the Data Protection Act

> 2004, so as to align with the European Union General Data Protection

> Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).


> Even if you are not familiar with Mauritius law, the EU GDPR which is more

> popular should tell you the implication of revealing a WHOIS database to a

> non-state prosecutorial actor like yourself who does not have a court

> warrant to see the redacted sections you seek. Please correct me if I’m

> wrong in my legal analysis of your request.


> Perhaps, isn’t it time for the community to revisit the Internet Number

> Resources review policy

> <https://www.afrinic.net/policy/2016-gen-001-d5#proposal>


URI = <https://afrinic.net/policy/proposals/2016-gen-001-d8/amp>

> which was not on the docket for policy at this just-concluded meeting?


Please see here :
Thursday - 05 December 2019
*Policy Proposal: Internet Number Resources review by AFRINIC *
*14:00 - 14:45*
*Talatona 1,2,3*

It was one of two DPP (Draft Policy Proposal) presented by online presenters :

> https://www.afrinic.net/policy/2016-gen-001-d5#proposal



...gain, the last version of the DPP is here :

> We might be doing something right this time if that policy will allow for

> a diligent review of resources including the legacy ones.

...we are forced to consider it now, i'll definitely (whith GOD's
allowance) take
necessary time to review it.
Maybe a challenging approach with more DPP concurrent initiatives to solve
the problem should be envisioned ?


> Regards


> Caleb Ogundele



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