[Community-Discuss] The Looting of AFRINIC

Omo Oaiya Omo.Oaiya at wacren.net
Fri Dec 6 13:42:07 UTC 2019

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>> I read from the press link you shared and on the member's list that

>> AFRINIC is conducting an internal investigation as would be expected and

>> that it will be concluded shortly.


> Swell. When?


> Give me a date certain by which this matter will receive a full and

> formal response from the board or the CEO.


> May the membership and the community expect a concrete response on this

> matter by, say, Saint Valentine's Day, 2020? By Nelson Mandela Day, 2020?

> Later?


> More to the point, can you tell me when Mr. Byaruhanga's currently scheduled

> last day on the job will be? Can you tell me whether he still has unfettered

> read/write access to the WHOIS data base as we speak?


Now, I am sure you are deliberately trying to be sensational :-). Don’t detract from the usefulness of your efforts with the hounding.

Sunday already gave you good advice. These are questions for AFRINIC the company rather than AFRINIC the community. Send such questions to the CEO and keep the community in the loop. I speak for myself but I am sure everyone is interested in the outcome.


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